TransphormHighest Performance, Highest Reliability GaN



Totem-pole PFC
GaN transistors offer power designers a totem-pole PFC (power factor correction) solution that achieves 99% efficiency with the least component count and smallest system size.


Bridgeless totem-pole efficiency

Output Power (W)

GaN totem-pole PFC simplified schematic

GaN totem-pole PFC simplified schematic

Start evaluating today – get the totem-pole PFC evaluation kit

GaN Power Devices Enable High Efficiency Totem Pole PFC
99% Efficiency True-Bridgeless Totem-Pole PFC
600-V GaN HEMT targets PFC off-line power supply

PV Inverter

GaN-based solutions enable very high efficiency inverter designs that achieve 100kHz frequency operation and 60% volume reduction compared to IGBT solutions. Get the inverter evaluation kits.

PV Inverter


Totem-pole PFC for on-board charger
Achieve 99% efficiency with the least component count, smallest size, and bi-directional operation with no modification to the topology.



Achieving a very high frequency of 100kHz and above, a high efficiency GaN-based inverter enables fast response, high-accuracy control and low noise – all while lowering component count, reducing system size and cost. Start evaluating today with an eval kit.


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