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noun:  rev·o·lu·tion  \ˌre-və-ˈlü-shən\

  • a changeover in use or preference especially in technology 
  • a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something

Power efficiency is a cause worth fighting for and incumbent technologies such as silicon have reached their performance limits.

Enter gallium nitride (GaN)

The wide-bandgap semiconductor material that achieves performance never before possible.

Faster   Cooler   Smaller

JEDEC and AEC-Q101 qualified high voltage GaN devices in a range of power levels are available. Groundbreaking end systems built on GaN are in production.

The GaN Revolution has begun

We aim to elevate the revolutionaries—the pioneers, creative thinkers, problem solvers—by sharing their discoveries and designs to help others learn about GaN. And look to inspire others to give rise to new innovations defining next generation power electronics.

Transphorm is leading the GaN Revolution, with innovations that are moving power electronics beyond the limitations of silicon:

99% efficiency
40% more power density
20% lower system cost

Quality + Reliability (Q+R)

At Transphorm, we prioritize Quality + Reliability over performance in everything from product design and development to customer support systems. By putting Q+R first, we are able to deliver firsts—industry firsts—which enables our customers to deliver industry-first products and systems.


Q+R of Design

Our Q+R is enabled by our design choice. Today, cascode is the only configuration proven to enable GaN in real-world applications.

Q+R of Product

Q+R has earned us a number industry firsts and our second generation JEDEC-qualified GaN technology is now the world’s first GaN solution to earn automotive qualification—having passed the Automotive Electronics Council’s AEC-Q101 stress tests for automotive-grade discrete semiconductors.

Q+R of Systems

Our Silicon Valley Center of Excellence reinforces our commitment to Q+R and our mission to be the trusted GaN advisor—educating and supporting customers developing high voltage GaN. The technical library includes Design Tools, Education, Support and Technical Papers. Submit your GaN design inquiries here.

Transphorm GaN Tested for Q+R

Our conservative approach to design results in long term quality + reliability.

Download the White Paper Download the Quality Handbook

JEDEC qualification and extended lifetime reliability testing

Extended life – High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL)

Real-world GaN

Meet some of the Revolutionaries inspired to create innovative systems using Transphorm GaN. How can we help you develop groundbreaking products?

Telcodium High-efficiency Modules (HEMs)

The recently announced High Efficiency Modules (HEMs) are Telcodium’s flexible, complete power supply solution that offers design engineers the ability to create high performance, high efficiency systems in record time. For more, see the APEC 2017 Session ‘How to Design with GaN in Under an Hour’.

The HEMs can be used to create power supplies with unparalleled efficiency—98% with Transphorm’s TPH3206LDG GaN FET—for the complete power chain, from 85 to 265Vac to 12Vdc. Available exclusively at Digi-Key.

Telcodium 500W Redundant AC Power Supply

Telcodium’s groundbreaking AC power supply and Electronic Products’ 2016 Product of the Year, is the world’s first redundant power supply using GaN technology (Transphorm’s TPH3206PS and TPH3202PS GaN FETs) and sets new power density benchmarks that exceed 80 Plus Titanium specifications—all inside a more than 30% smaller footprint.

Transphorm GaN-enabled system advantages

  • 14% increase in efficiency
  • 38% increase in power density
  • 80% reduction in standby power (to less than 1W)
  • 40% reduction in internal temperature, yielding a best-in-class warranty of five years

Join the revolution here!

Bel Power 3kW AC-DC Power Supply

Transphorm and Bel Power deliver the industry’s first AC-DC power supply to use GaN technology (Transphorm’s TPH3205WS GaN FET) and implement a bridgeless totem-pole PFC design.

Transphorm GaN-enabled system advantages

  • Higher power density–31.7W/in3
  • 80 Plus Titanium efficiency
  • Lower component count by implementing totem-pole PFC vs. standard interleaved boost topology
  • Lower height to meet 1U design
  • Certified by Ecova Plug Load Solutions
  • CE-Mark for European Low Voltage Directive (LVD)
Yaskawa 100W/200W/400W Integrated Servo Motors

Yaskawa brings the industry’s first servo motors built on Transphorm’s GaN technology, integrating the amplifier and servo motor to significantly reduce overall system wiring and simplify system architecture.

Transphorm GaN-enabled system advantages

  • Smaller size: High frequency switching and low power loss enables use of smaller passive components
Shindengen 650V, 52mΩ Half-bridge Module

Transphorm die solutions enabled Shindengen to deliver higher power density and more efficient modules.

Transphorm GaN-enabled system advantages

  • Easy gate drive
  • Low parasitic design–stable switching
  • Top-side heat sinking allows direct mounting to heat sink

Join the revolution here!

Cascode vs. E-mode

Our Q+R is in large part enabled by our design choice. Today, cascode is the only configuration proven to enable GaN in real-world applications. Transphorm’s GaN is backed by extensive lifetime, quality and reliability data—unavailable with other configurations today, such as pGaN e-mode.

Which GaN technology is right for you?

Transphorm cascode and today’s e-mode

Attribute Cascode (Transphorm) E-mode (market)
Reliability JEDEC (including power cycle), AEC-Q101 Not available
Maximum transient protection Best (800V) Good (750V)
Safety margin (“headroom”) ±20V max ~ ±3V max
Negative gate drive No Yes
Reverse operation (3rd quadrant) Very low VF diode operation (≤1.2V) ≥6V, including negative gate drive
Die size (50mΩ) Larger Smaller, with reduced Q+R
FOM (RON*QOSS) Good Better, with reduced Q+R
Paralleling Good (two TO-XXX devices) Easier to parallel
Thermal performance Best with TO-XXX Poor with SMD (only offering)


GaN Efficiency

Need for speed—GaN operates at higher frequencies with up to 4x faster switching to lower crossover losses and increase system efficiency

Feel the power—GaN in a totem-pole configuration lowers component count and EMI filter size to deliver the same power in a smaller footprint

Smaller, lighter, cooler—Higher efficiency and increased power density means lower overall system cost

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