TPH3202P Series

600V 290mΩ GaN FETs in TO-220

The TPH3202PD and TPH3202PS 600V 290mΩ gallium nitride (GaN) FETs are normally-off devices. Transphorm GaN FETs offer better efficiency through lower gate charge, faster switching speeds, and smaller reverse recovery charge, delivering significant advantages over traditional silicon (Si) devices. The TPH3202P Series is offered in an industry-standard 3 lead TO-220 with common drain (PD) and common source (PS) package configurations.

Key Specifications
VDS (V) min 600
VTDS (V) max 750
RDS(on) (mΩ) max* 350
Qrr (nC) typ 29
Qg (nC) typ 6.2
*Dynamic R(on)

TDPS250E2D2-KIT evaluation platform for 250W all-in-one power supply

Key Features

  • Easy to drive—compatible with standard gate drivers
  • Low conduction and switching losses
  • Low Qrr of 29nC—no free-wheeling diode required
  • GSD pin layout reduces RF loop inductance
  • JEDEC-qualified GaN technology
  • RoHS compliant and Halogen-free

Key Benefits

  • Enables more efficient topologies—easy to implement bridgeless totem-pole designs
  • Increased efficiency through fast switching
  • Increased power density
  • Reduced system size and weight
  • Lower BOM cost

Buy Now

All Transphorm devices are available through Digi-Key:

TPH3202PD 600V GaN FET in TO-220 (drain tab)
TPH3202PS 600V GaN FET in TO-220 (source tab)

Evaluation Kits

Transphorm offers a number of GaN evaluation platforms in various topologies. The evaluation kit below features the TPH3202 GaN FETs:

TDPS250E2D2-KIT evaluation platform for 250W all-in-one power supply

TDPS250E2D2-KIT for 250W all-in-one power supply