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TPH3202P Series

600V 290mΩ GaN FETs in TO-220

The TPH3202PD and TPH3202PS 600V 290mΩ Gallium Nitride (GaN) FETs are normally-off devices. They combine state-of-the-art high voltage GaN HEMT and low voltage silicon MOSFET technologies—offering superior reliability and performance.

Transphorm GaN offers improved efficiency over silicon, through lower gate charge, lower crossover loss, and smaller reverse recovery charge.

The TPH3202P Series is offered in an industry-standard 3 lead TO-220 with common drain (PD) and common source (PS) package configurations.

Key Specifications
VDS (V) min 600
V(TR)DSS (V) max 750
RDS(on)eff (mΩ) max* 350
QRR (nC) typ 29
QG (nC) typ 6.2
*Reflects both static and dynamic on-resistance

Key Features

  • JEDEC-qualified GaN technology
  • Dynamic RDS(on)eff production tested
  • Robust design, defined by
    • Intrinsic lifetime tests
    • Wide gate safety margin
    • Transient over-voltage capability
  • Very low QRR
  • Reduced crossover loss
  • RoHS compliant and Halogen-free packaging

Key Benefits

  • Enables AC-DC bridgeless totem-pole PFC designs
    • Increased power density
    • Reduced system size and weight
    • Overall lower system cost
  • Achieves increased efficiency in both hard- and soft-switched circuits
  • Easy to drive with commonly-used gate drivers
  • GSD pin layout improves high speed design

Application Notes

AN0010: GaN FETs in Parallel Using Drain Ferrite Beads and RC Snubbers for High-power Applications
AN0009: Recommended External Circuitry for Transphorm GaN FETs
AN0008: Drain Voltage and Avalanche Ratings for GaN FETs
AN0002: Characteristics of Transphorm GaN Power FETs
AN0003: Printed Circuit Board Layout and Probing for GaN FETs
AN0004: Designing Hard-switched Bridges with GaN
AN0006: VGS Transient Tolerance of Transphorm GaN FETs

Design Guides

DG004: Multi-pulse Testing for GaN Layout Verification | DG004 DSP Code
DG005: Ultrafast Overcurrent Breaker Circuit for Prototyping | DG005 Design Files

Evaluation Kits

Transphorm offers a number of GaN evaluation kits in various topologies, providing an easy-to-use platform to investigate the benefits of GaN, including the TDAIO250P200-KIT 250W PFC+LLC power supply featuring TPH3202PS.

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All Transphorm devices and evaluation kits are available through Digi-Key.

  • TPH3202PD 600V GaN FET in TO-220 (drain tab)
  • TPH3202PS 600V GaN FET in TO-220 (source tab)
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