TransphormHighest Performance, Highest Reliability GaN


Regional Sales and Distributors

All Transphorm devices and evaluation kits are available through Digi-Key. Listed below are all representatives and distributors by region.


Transphorm Sales

Transphorm Inc.
Americas Sales


Digi-Key Electronics
Fujitsu Electronics America, Inc.
Mouser Electronics

Sales Reps

DE / MD / NY / NJ / E. PA / VA Sigma Sales Corp
TX / OK / AR / LO / Mexico (MX) / LA Tandem Technical Sales


Transphorm Sales

Europe Sales


EMEA Digi-Key Electronics
EMEA Mouser Electronics
Austria GLYN GmbH & Co. KG
Austria HY-LINE Power Components Vertriebs GmbH
Benelux GLYN GmbH & Co. KG
Denmark GLYN GmbH & Co. KG
Germany KAGA FEI Europe Europe GmbH
Germany GLYN GmbH & Co. KG
Germany HY-LINE Power Components Vertriebs GmbH
Hungary GLYN GmbH & Co. KG
Italy KAGA FEI Europe Europe GmbH
Israel STG International Ltd.
Poland GLYN GmbH & Co. KG
Sweden GLYN GmbH & Co. KG
Switzerland GLYN GmbH & Co. KG
Switzerland HY-LINE AG


Transphorm Sales

Japan Sales


Asahi Tech Corporation
Digi-Key Electronics
IIDA Electronics Co., Ltd.
Mouser Electronics

China & ASEAN

Transphorm Sales

China Sales


Array Micro Electronics
Digi-Key Electronics
Avnet YEL
Fujitsu Electronics Pacific Asia Ltd.
Fujitsu Electronics(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
Mouser Electronics
North China Make Chance
South China Make Chance
Shenzhen Powerchip Technology Co Ltd


Transphorm Sales

Korea Sales


Fujitsu Electronics Korea Ltd
Digi-Key Electronics
Iida Korea Inc.
Kyoshin Technosonic (Korea) Co., Ltd.
Millionbiztek Corp.
USC Electronics (Korea) Co., Ltd.


Transphorm Sales

Taiwan Sales


Avnet YEL
Digi-Key Electronics
Fujitsu Electronics Pacific Asia Ltd., Taiwan Branch
Make Chance
Mouser Electronics
UKC/Tonsam Taiwan

Transphorm Corporate Contacts

Corporate Headquarters
75 Castilian Drive
Goleta, CA 93117
+805 456 1300

Silicon Valley Location
111 W St. John Street, Suite 513
San Jose, CA 95113
+541 550 0669



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