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Transphorm delivers an easy-to-use platform to investigate the benefits of GaN with a number of evaluation kits in various topologies.

Topology Function Part Number Power Rating Switching Frequency Range Frequency Adjustment Featured Device(s) Order Design Files
Inverter DC-AC TDINV1000P100-KIT 1000W @100kHz 50-150kHz Programmable TPH3206PSB
Firmware files:
Inverter DC-AC TDINV3000W050-KIT 3000W @ 50kHz 50-150kHz Programmable TP65H050WS
Firmware files:
Half-bridge synchronous
buck or boost
DC-DC TDHBG2500P100-KIT 2500W @100kHz 50-300kHz Variable TPH3212PS
Inverter DC-AC TDINV3500P100-KIT 3500W @100kHz 50-150kHz Programmable TP90H180PS
Firmware files:
Totem-pole PFC AC-DC TDTTP2500P100-KIT 2500W @100kHz 100kHz Fixed TPH3212PS
Totem-pole PFC AC-DC TDTTP4000W066B-KIT 4000W @66kHz 66kHz Fixed TP65H035WS

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SPICE model for TPH3202Px/Lx (600V, 290mΩ) | v 2.0
SPICE model for TPH3206Px/Lx (600V, 150mΩ) | v 2.0
SPICE model for TPH3208PS/Lxx (650V, 110mΩ) | v 2.0
SPICE model for TPH3212PS (650V, 72mΩ) | v 2.0
SPICE model for TPH3205WSB/WSBQA (650V, 49mΩ) | v 2.3
SPICE model for TPH3207WS (650V, 35mΩ) | v 2.2
SPICE model for TP65H070LxG (650V, 50mΩ) | v 0.1
SPICE model for TP65H050WS (650V, 50mΩ) | v 0.1
SPICE model for TP65H035WS (650V, 35mΩ) | v 0.1
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