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Telcodium Partners with Transphorm to Introduce First-ever Redundant Power Supplies Using GaN FETs

AC Series Sets New Industry Benchmark: 94 Percent “True System Efficiency” Within A More Than
30 Percent Smaller Footprint

BOUCHERVILLE, QC—September 14, 2016—Telcodium, a leader in power supply design, in collaboration with Transphorm Inc. today released the industry’s first redundant power supplies using gallium nitride (GaN) field-effect transistors (FETs).

Telcodium’s AC Series replaces a typical three-module power supply architecture (two power supply bricks and one intermediate bus converter (IBC)) with a single power module with redundant AC feeds. Telcodium’s power module operates at 94 percent True System Efficiency (TSE)* or higher—reducing average energy loss by 13 percent or more. To achieve the same TSE with the typical three-module power supply, the bricks and IBC would each need to yield a 97 percent efficiency—which exceeds the 80Plus Titanium specification and has yet to be demonstrated by any power supply manufacturer.

Further, the new module is 30 percent smaller than the abovementioned two bricks and eliminates the standalone IBC—freeing considerable, critical space inside a host system.

The high TSE and size reduction are made possible by Telcodium’s innovative design. This design pairs patented front-end circuitry with the market’s only JEDEC-qualified 650V GaN FET, available from GaN semiconductor design and manufacturing leader Transphorm. The resulting AC Series enables data center, server and telecommunication manufacturers to develop smaller, high-performing systems that can virtually eliminate power supply-related failures. For Series details, see

Highlighted Features and Benefits
The following features combined with others not highlighted here can potentially reduce an average system’s total cost of ownership by 19 percent.

Feature Benefit
Patented front-end circuit design integrated with 650V GaN FETs
  • Over 94 percent true system efficiency
  • Over 80 percent standby power reduction (to less than 1W)
Over 30 percent size reduction + standalone IBC elimination
  • Internal circuitry and system components reduction
  • Increased airflow
  • Reduced floor space
Reduced internal system temperature
  • Increased mean time between failure (MBTF)
Internal supply monitoring (voltage, current and frequency)
  • Cleanest power selection
  • Automatic extreme event logging
  • Supplemental device reduction (e.g., power line monitors)
ORing function elimination
  • Reduced mechanical parts for greater reliability and reduced maintenance over time
Machine assembly (no hand-soldering)
  • High-quality assembly

Specifications and Availability
The AC Series’ universal form factor (260 x 100 x 40mm) is lightweight (1.36 Kg) and fits common equipment developed by data center, server and telecommunications manufacturers. Products are available today and short delivery windows average in-stock to 6 weeks. To order, visit or contact the Telcodium Sales Team at .

About Transphorm
Transphorm is a global semiconductor company that designs and manufactures gallium nitride (GaN) devices for high-voltage power conversion applications. Built on an industry-leading IP portfolio and over 300 years of combined GaN engineering expertise, Transphorm delivers the highest performance and highest reliability GaN devices and best-in-class system-level design support to a growing customer base. Transphorm creates innovations that move beyond the limitations of silicon to achieve over 99 percent efficiency and reduce energy loss by more than 40 percent. Learn more at

About Telcodium
Telcodium produces the world’s most efficient and most reliable line of redundant power supplies. Designed and made in North America to ensure product quality that customers deserve and delivery delays they demand, Telcodium’s power supply products offer unmatched performance and reduced total cost of ownership. Learn more at

*True System Efficiency is defined by power supply module efficiency plus IBC efficiency.

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