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Transphorm Introduces the Industry’s Only Fully-qualified 650V GaN FET with the Lowest Rds(on) in a TO-247

Lowest RDS(on) of 41mOhm and ultra-low Qrr of 175nC increases power density and achieves higher efficiencies over a broad range of power levels

Transphorm introduces the industry’s only fully-qualified 650V GaN FET with the lowest R(on) in a TO-247Goleta, CA—March 23, 2016—Transphorm Inc., a leader in the design and manufacturing of JEDEC-qualified 650V GaN (gallium nitride) semiconductors, introduces the TPH3207WS GaN field effect transistor (FET) with the lowest on-resistance (41mOhm) in a TO-247 package that reduces system volume as much as 50% without sacrificing efficiency. The device’s low RDS(on) and ultra-low Qrr (175nC) bring the benefits of GaN to applications that previously relied on silicon, enabling engineers to achieve power-dense solutions with reduced component count and improved reliability in high-voltage power conversion applications.

The TPH3207 improves system reliability, performance and power density in an easy-to-handle cascode configuration.  These advantages are being realized in hard-switched bridges and the continuous conduction mode (CCM) bridgeless totem-pole power factor correction (PFC) designs being used in on-board chargers, solar inverters, telecom power supplies and other power conversion applications. Transphorm’s GaN FET portfolio is also strengthened with the introduction of the TPH3208 family (130mOhm) in industry-standard TO-220 and PQFN packages, further enabling the GaN revolution.

Key features and benefits of the TPH3207:

  • Fully-qualified GaN technology. Extensive qualification and long-term reliability of all Transphorm devices, including extended tests for early infant mortality failure and long-term wear out failures, is unmatched by any GaN manufacturer.
  • Ease-of-use. Cascode configuration can be easily driven with off-the-shelf drivers and its TO-247 industry-standard packaging allows for ease of design and development and low EMI.
  • Enables more efficient topologies. Allows designers to reduce overall power supply losses by as much as 40% while achieving up to 99% efficiency by implementing CCM bridgeless totem-pole PFC designs.
  • Double the power density. Faster switching speeds from low capacitances and gate charge enable designers to reduce overall system costs.

Tools and support:

Package, availability and pricing
TPH3207WS samples are available to purchase now and priced at US$22.69 for 1,000-unit quantities.

About Transphorm
Transphorm is a global semiconductor company that designs and manufactures gallium nitride (GaN) devices for high-voltage power conversion applications. Built on an industry-leading IP portfolio and over 300 years of combined GaN engineering expertise, Transphorm is delivering the highest performance and highest reliability GaN devices and best-in-class system-level design support to a growing customer base. Transphorm is creating innovations that move beyond the limitations of silicon to achieve over 99% efficiency and reduce energy loss by more than 40%. Learn more at

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