TransphormHighest Performance, Highest Reliability GaN

Quality + Reliability (Q+R)

At Transphorm, we prioritize Quality + Reliability over performance in everything from product design and development to customer support systems. By putting Q+R first, we are able to deliver firsts—industry firsts—which enables our customers to deliver industry-first products and systems.


Q+R of Design

Our Q+R is enabled by our design choice. Today, cascode is the only configuration proven to enable GaN in real-world applications.

Q+R of Product

Q+R has earned us a number industry firsts and our second generation JEDEC-qualified GaN technology is now the world’s first GaN solution to earn automotive qualification—having passed the Automotive Electronics Council’s AEC-Q101 stress tests for automotive-grade discrete semiconductors.

Q+R of Systems

Our Silicon Valley Center of Excellence reinforces our commitment to Q+R and our mission to be the trusted GaN advisor—educating and supporting customers developing high voltage GaN. The technical library includes Design Tools, Education, Support and Technical Papers. Submit your GaN design inquiries here.

Transphorm GaN Tested for Q+R

Our conservative approach to design results in long term quality + reliability.

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