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Open frame 600 W Constant Current Constant Voltage (CCCV) AC-DC Battery Charger Reference Design using Transphorm SuperGaN Technology

The TDAIO-TPH-MPS-CCCV-600W-RD is an open frame universal input line voltage AC-DC battery charger reference design with an output power level of 600 W. This design is composed of two power stages, the first being the PFC (AC to DC) and the second being the LLC (DC to DC). Its peak efficiency is greater than 94.4% at 264 Vac input.

The power supply uses the Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) PFC+LLC combo controller (HR1211) with a simpler architecture by modifying the LLC stage to a wide output voltage range and constant current capability; Transphorm's TP65H070G4PS (650 V, 72 mΩ GaN FET) for PFC; and 2x Transphorm’s TP65H150G4PS (650 V, 150 mΩ GaN FET) for LLC. This battery charger is ideal for applications such as 2-Wheeler or 3-Wheeler battery charger, LED dimmable drivers, gaming devices, etc.


  • Power: 600W
  • Efficiency: Peak Efficiency 94.4% @ (264 Vac)
  • Input Voltage: Universal (90 Vac to 264 Vac)
  • Switching frequency (variable): up to 120 kHz
  • Features TP65H070G4PS
  • Features TP65H150G4PS
  • Features HR1211
  • Easy-to-use platform to investigate GaN


  • 2-Wheeler or 3-Wheeler Battery Charger
  • High-Power-Density AC/DC Battery Chargers (CCCV)
  • High-Power-Density AC/DC CV Power Supplies
  • High-Power-Density AC/DC LED Dimmable Drivers
  • Gaming Devices
  • Fast charging
  • Laptops and IoT devices


Typical Performance Curves

Output Current (A)

Output Current (A)

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