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Open frame 300W DCDC Isolated Bidirectional Battery Charger Reference Design using Transphorm SuperGaN® Technology.

The TDDCDC-TPH-IN-BI-LLC-300W-RD is a 300W DC 380V to and from 48V DC isolated bidirectional battery charger implementing LLC full bridge with peak efficiency of greater than 97.3%, a power density of 36.5W/in3 using 4 Transphorm GaN TP65H150G4PS (650 V SuperGaN FET) TO-220 with Transphorm’s latest SuperGaN® Gen IV technology with output voltage (48V/6A, 380V/0.9A) and natural convention without forced air. This design illustrates a fully analog implementation without microprocessor/DSP firmware development for the power stage. This should serve well as a platform for simpler, much shorter time in development, high-power level, and highly efficient bidirectional battery charger system.

This DC-DC adapter is ideal for applications such as high-power-density as a DC/DC power section in AC/DC bidirectional power supplies, home appliance energy hubs, 2/3-wheeler battery chargers, data centers, etc.


  • Transphorm SuperGaN TP65H150G4PS TO-220 x 4
  • Full bridge LLC topology
  • Board-end over ~97.3% efficiency
  • Flat efficiency across wide Load range
  • Tight switching frequency regulation
  • Up to 210 kHz switching frequency operation
  • OTP, UVLO, OCP, OSC and output reverse polarity protections
  • < 500mW no load power consumption
  • Up to 300 W output power


  • 2/3-wheeler battery charger
  • Home appliance energy hub
  • Fast charging
  • Laptops and IoT devices
  • Battery powered home energy


Typical Performance Curves

Load (%)

Load (%)

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