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A 60 W Quasi-Resonant Flyback AC-DC LED Dimmable Driver Reference Design using Transphorm SuperGaN Technology

The TDLED-TPH-ON-DIM-60W-RD reference design board describes a 60 W LED dimmable driver with peak efficiency of greater than 93.9% at 120 Vac input, a power density of ~ 30 W/in3.

The power supply uses the ON Semi QRF controller (NCP1342) with dimmable output voltage range between 18 V ~ 24 V; Transphorm's TP65H300G4LSG (650 V, 240 mΩ GaN FET). This battery charger is ideal for applications such as LED dimmable drivers for decorative, cabinet, strip, and high density lighting.


  • Transphorm SuperGaN® TP65H300G4LSG
  • Quasi-Resonant Flyback (QRF) Topology
  • Board-end over ~93.2% Efficiency (90 Vac)
  • Flat Efficiency across Universal (90 - 265 Vac) Input Voltage and Load
  • Tight Switching Frequency Regulation for Improved Input EMI Filter Utilization
  • Up to 300 kHz Switching Frequency Operation (230 Vac)
  • OTP, UVLO, OPP and OSC Protections
  • < 200 mW (230 Vac) No Load Power Consumption
    of the IC
  • Up to 60 W Output Power
  • Meets CE requirements


  • LED driver for decorative lighting
  • LED driver for cabinet lighting
  • LED driver for strip lighting
  • High density tight space dimmable LED driver


Typical Performance Curves

Output Power (W)

Output Power (W)

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