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Open Frame 330 W All-in-one Power Adapter with Bridgeless Totem-pole PFC + LLC Reference Design using Transphorm SuperGaN Technology

The TDTTPLLC-TPH-ON-330W-RD AC to DC reference design offers an output power level of 330 W. It is designed with a bridgeless Totem-pole PFC boost converter operating in critical conduction Mode (CrM) and a LLC power stage with secondary side synchronous rectification. The 330 W PSU uses Transphorm’s TP65H070G4LSG and TP65H150G4LSG SuperGaN FETs that are incorporated in the primary side of each power stage. The use of Transphorm GaN FETs results in a highly efficiency and power dense (24.7 W/in3 - open frame) solution.



  • High-Power-Density AC/DC Power Supplies
  • Lighting


Typical Performance Curves

Output Power (W)

Output Power (W)

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