Transphorm最高性能, 最可靠的GaN

An Extreme Generator Powered by Extreme Tech

The Kodiak Extreme: The first portable solar-powered generator built with GaN.

• 33% more power
• 98% inverter efficiency
• Fast charging
• Water-resistant
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Smaller Power Systems
Bigger Power Supply Benefits

Delta’s 800W server PSU uses GaN to:

• Reduce system size
• Integrate a backup battery
• Maintain same CRPS form factor

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Transphorm's GaN
Optimizing Data Center
Power Efficiency

Data Center Frontier
Special Report

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Introducing the 650 V Gen III Platform

The highest Q+R GaN FETs just got better.

Gate safety margin > robustness
    Gate drive immunity > ease of design
    EMI reduction > quieter switching
    Affordable > ROI
Still... In standard packaging.

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GaN Amps Up Next Gen
Power Supply Categories

Introducing Seasonic’s 1.6 kW Bridgeless
Totem-pole PFC converter platform.

• 99% PFC efficiency
• 20% more power density
• 12 year warranty
• 100% Transphorm GaN advantage

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Industry's first GaN
AC-DC Gaming power supply

  • CORSAIR's AX1600i uses Transphorm's GaN to achieve
    a 6.5% power density increase in a 12.5% smaller enclosure,
    delivering better-than 80 PLUS Titanium efficiency

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Not all GaN is alike.

Transphorm's GaN delivers higher quality,
higher reliability than today’s e-mode GaN.

Ask us how Transphorm’s high voltage GaN
outperforms the competition.

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Industry's first GaN
AC-DC power supply

  • The only power supply with a totem-pole PFC
    design and GaN, delivering 80 PLUS efficiency,
    power density and performance reliability

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