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Design Resources

Transphorm is dedicated to educating and supporting customers developing with high voltage GaN. Let us know how we can help you design with GaN.

Evaluation Kits

Transphorm offers a number of GaN evaluation platforms in various topologies to help reduce design time.

Evaluation Platform Topology Application Power Rating Switching Frequency Featured Device Order Design Files
TDPS250E2D2-KIT 250W all-in-one power supply Computer power supply 250W 200kHz TPH3202PS Request kit Download
TDINV1000P100-KIT 1kW inverter Single-phase solar PV inverter, motor drive 1000W 100kHz TPH3206PSB Request kit Download
Firmware files: Download
TDHBG2500P100-KIT 2.5kW hard-switched half-bridge, buck or boost PV inverter, motor drive inverter, PFC or bridge 2500W Programmable TPH3212PS Request kit Download

Application Notes

AN0010: GaN FETs in Parallel Using Drain Ferrite Beads and RC Snubbers for High-power Applications
AN0009: Recommended External Circuitry for Transphorm GaN FETs
AN0008: Drain Voltage and Avalanche Ratings for GaN FETs

AN0002: Characteristics of Transphorm GaN Power FETs
AN0003: Printed Circuit Board Layout and Probing for GaN FETs
AN0004: Designing Hard-switched Bridges with GaN
AN0006: VGS Transient Tolerance of Transphorm GaN FETs
AN0007: PQFN88 Lead-free 2nd Level Soldering Recommendations for Vapor Phase Reflow

Design Guides

Design Guide: 2.3kW High-efficiency 2-phase CRM Boost Converter for Solar Inverters
Design Guide: LLC Resonant Tank Design for 3.3kW Electric Vehicle On-board Charger with Wide-range Output Voltage

Technical Papers & Presentations

Huang, Zan; Cuadra, Jason, Preventing GaN Device VHF Oscillation, APEC 2017 Industry Session, March, 2017

Zuk, Philip; Campeau, Gaetan, How to Design with GaN in Under an Hour, APEC 2017 Exhibitor Session, March 2017

Wang, Zhan; Wu, Yifeng, 99% Efficiency True-Bridgeless Totem-Pole PFC Based on GaN HEMTs

Wang, Zhan; Honea, Jim; Wu, Yifeng, Design and Implementation of a High-efficiency Three-level Inverter Using GaN HEMTs, May 2015 (requires IEEE access)

Zhou, Liang; Wu, Yifeng; Honea, Jim; Wang, Zhan, High-efficiency True Bridgeless Totem Pole PFC based on GaN HEMT: Design Challenges and Cost-effective Solutions, May 2015 (requires IEEE access)

Wang, Zhan; Wu, Yifeng; Honea, Jim; Zhou, Liang, Paralleling GaN HEMTs for diode-free bridge power converters, Mar 2015

Kikkawa, T., et al, 600V JEDEC-qualified Highly-reliable GaN HEMTs on Si Substrates, Dec 2014 (requires IEEE access)

Wu, Yifeng; Guerrero, Jose; McKay, Jim; Smith, Kurt, Advances in reliability and operation space of high-voltage GaN power devices on Si substrates, Oct 2014 (requires IEEE access)

Wang, Zhan; Honea, Jim; Yuxiang Shi; Hui Li, Investigation of driver circuits for GaN HEMTs in leaded packages, Oct 2014

Wu, Y.; Gritters, J.; Shen, L.; Smith, R.P.; Swenson, B., kV-class GaN-on-Si HEMTs Enabling 99% Efficiency Converter at 800V and 100kHz, June 2014 (requires IEEE access)

Wu, Y.; Gritters, J.; Shen, L.; Smith, R.P.; McKay, J.; Barr, R.; Birkhahn, R., Performance and Robustness of First Generation 600V GaN-on-Si Power Transistors, Oct 2013 (requires IEEE access)

Parikh, Primit; Wu, Yifeng; Shen, Likun, Commercialization of High 600V GaN-on-Silicon Power Devices, May 2013 (requires IEEE access)

Wu, Yifeng, GaN Offers Advantages to Future HEV, March 2013

Wu, Y.; Kebort, D.; Guerrero, J.; Yea, S.; Honea, J.; Shirabe, K.; Kang, J., High-Frequency, GaN Diode-Free Motor Drive Inverter with Pure Sine Wave Output, Oct 2012

Shirabe, Kohei; Swamy, Mahesh; Kang, Jun-Koo; Hisatsune, Masaki; Wu, Yifeng; Kebort, Don; Honea, Jim, Advantages of High-frequency PWM in AC Motor Drive Applications, Sept 2012 (requires IEEE access)

Wu, Y.; Coffie, R.; Fichtenbaum, N.; Dora, Y.; Suh, C.S.; Shen, L.; Parikh, P.; Mishra, U.K., Total GaN solution to electrical power conversion, Jun 2011 (requires IEEE access)

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