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Design Resources

Evaluation Kits

Transphorm offers a number of GaN evaluation platforms in various topologies to help reduce design time.

Evaluation Platform Topology Application Power Rating Switching Frequency Featured Device Order Design Files
TDPS2800E2C1-KIT 2.8kW totem-pole PFC High-efficiency bridgeless PFC 2800W 100kHz TPH3205WS Request kit Download
TDTTP4000W066-KIT 4kW totem-pole PFC High-efficiency bridgeless PFC 4000W 66kHz TPH3207WS Request kit Download
TDPS250E2D2-KIT 250W all-in-one power supply Computer power supply 250W 200kHz TPH3202PS Request kit Download
TDPS1000E0E10-KIT 1kW hard-switched half-bridge, buck or boost PV inverter, motor drive inverter, PFC or bridge 1000W Programmable TPH3206PS Request kit Download
TDHBG2500P100-KIT 2.5kW hard-switched half-bridge, buck or boost PV inverter, motor drive inverter, PFC or bridge 2500W Programmable TPH3212PS Request kit Download
TDPS3500E0E10-KIT 3.5kW hard-switched half-bridge, buck or boost PV inverter, motor drive inverter, PFC or bridge 3500W Programmable TPH3205WS Request kit Download
TDPV1000E0C1-KIT 1kW inverter Single-phase solar PV inverter, motor drive 1000W 100kHz TPH3206PS Request kit Download
TDINV4500W050-KIT 4.5kW inverter Single-phase solar PV inverter, motor drive 4500W 50kHz TPH3207WS Request kit Download

Technical Papers

Wang, Zhan; Honea, Jim; Wu, Yifeng, Design and Implementation of a High-efficiency Three-level Inverter Using GaN HEMTs, May 2015 (requires IEEE access)

Zhou, Liang; Wu, Yifeng; Honea, Jim; Wang, Zhan, High-efficiency True Bridgeless Totem Pole PFC based on GaN HEMT: Design Challenges and Cost-effective Solutions, May 2015 (requires IEEE access)

Wang, Zhan; Wu, Yifeng; Honea, Jim; Zhou, Liang, Paralleling GaN HEMTs for diode-free bridge power converters, Mar 2015

Kikkawa, T., et al, 600V JEDEC-qualified Highly-reliable GaN HEMTs on Si Substrates, Dec 2014 (requires IEEE access)

Wu, Yifeng; Guerrero, Jose; McKay, Jim; Smith, Kurt, Advances in reliability and operation space of high-voltage GaN power devices on Si substrates, Oct 2014 (requires IEEE access)

Wang, Zhan; Honea, Jim; Yuxiang Shi; Hui Li, Investigation of driver circuits for GaN HEMTs in leaded packages, Oct 2014

Wu, Y.; Gritters, J.; Shen, L.; Smith, R.P.; Swenson, B., kV-class GaN-on-Si HEMTs Enabling 99% Efficiency Converter at 800V and 100kHz, June 2014 (requires IEEE access)

Wu, Y.; Gritters, J.; Shen, L.; Smith, R.P.; McKay, J.; Barr, R.; Birkhahn, R., Performance and Robustness of First Generation 600V GaN-on-Si Power Transistors, Oct 2013 (requires IEEE access)

Parikh, Primit; Wu, Yifeng; Shen, Likun, Commercialization of High 600V GaN-on-Silicon Power Devices, May 2013 (requires IEEE access)

Wu, Yifeng, GaN Offers Advantages to Future HEV, March 2013

Wu, Y.; Kebort, D.; Guerrero, J.; Yea, S.; Honea, J.; Shirabe, K.; Kang, J., High-Frequency, GaN Diode-Free Motor Drive Inverter with Pure Sine Wave Output, Oct 2012

Shirabe, Kohei; Swamy, Mahesh; Kang, Jun-Koo; Hisatsune, Masaki; Wu, Yifeng; Kebort, Don; Honea, Jim, Advantages of High-frequency PWM in AC Motor Drive Applications, Sept 2012 (requires IEEE access)

Wu, Y.; Coffie, R.; Fichtenbaum, N.; Dora, Y.; Suh, C.S.; Shen, L.; Parikh, P.; Mishra, U.K., Total GaN solution to electrical power conversion, Jun 2011 (requires IEEE access)

Quality & Reliability

Download the White Paper Download the Quality Handbook

Transphorm fabricates our unique GaN-on-Si products at an automotive-certified (TS-16949) foundry in Japan and at our ISO9001:2015 registered headquarters in the USA. We support our customers from our offices in the US, Asia and Europe.

Transphorm’s Quality Policy states:

“Transphorm is committed to providing products that will enable our customers to deliver best in class performance to their customers”

The policy emphasizes our focus on not just the products that we design and manufacture, but also on how they will be used by our customers in their application. Transphorm’s expert designers and applications engineers work closely with customers to ensure that our products exceed our customer’s expectations. We win only when our customers win.

The power conversion elements of any system often have the highest demands for reliability. GaN power devices are enabling new topologies such as “bridgeless totem pole PFC”, that results in higher efficiency and power density. We conduct extensive testing in order to ensure that the reliability of our products meet or exceed the reliability of existing products using silicon and other compound semiconductor materials. Transphorm has:

  • More than ten years of high-voltage GaN experience – the longest in the industry
  • Highest number of GaN power devices tested, demonstrating reliability greater than silicon

Our Quality and Reliability Handbook, along with other reliability-related publications, explain in detail the testing that has preceded the introduction of our products into the marketplace.

  • We have customers successfully qualifying and fielding GaN-based power products

At Transphorm, we recognized very early on that proof of our device reliability and quality would give customers the confidence to adopt our GaN products, enabling them to design their own innovative and market-leading products.

Our ISO9001:2015 Registered Quality Management System enables us to ensure consistent product quality.

  • Lean six sigma philosophy streamlines our processes, reducing waste and variability
  • Statistical process control (SPC), root cause failure analysis
  • Wafer and lot traceability

From our inception, Transphorm has performed comprehensive reliability testing of our products and have achieved industry firsts in qualifying 600V and 650V GaN products for the marketplace.

  • First to achieve JEDEC-qualified high-voltage GaN
  • Wide array of accelerated testing demonstrates quality above JEDEC standards
  • Large sample sizes and long-term tests give very low failures in time (FIT) levels with high confidence
  • Comprehensive failure analysis with state-of-the art equipment

Transphorm has completed HTRB testing on over 2000 parts for 1000 hours without failure.

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